Project and construction

Entrust us with the construction according to your wishes. Hand in hand we pass on the way to your dreamhouse the points: consulting, development and construction

which we will render more precisely below.


A good schedule always makes sense but good preparation is essential for ideal results. A market and investment analysis shows you what you can expect from your property. While a consultation (conversation) we get a feeling for your needs and requirements in relation to the property and its location which is a good base to work on. After choosing the location, specifying your wishes , ambitions and budget we are ready for the next step.


The plan is getting concrete shape. With the sketches we give your dream home a first face, bring them to life in blueprints with all important details and change if necessary till we get a functional, optical and economical result. As result the construction drawings will be made up. Land measurement if necessary will be performed. Now is the time to get the required permissions, to create a statement of performance and get the quotes for all necessary work. We have tradespeople we dealing for long time with cause they offer us competitive price and their results convinced our costumers and us. We choose the material for building carefully as we know that cheap material after a while can get really pricey, this doesn't suit's our philosophy of a excellent cost-performance ratio.


As soon the required permissions are available the activities can start. For earthworks, constructions and all tradeworks as well as the supervision, management in relation to standards, quality and finance we looking after your interests, saving your valuable time and especially your money. A detailed scheduling and ideal time management involving all important matters goes without saying and ensures that we achieve the grade of quality you and we are enthusiastic with. The professional design of the indoor and outdoor area can also be part of constructions to provide a framework which brings your house to the best advantage and offering you a place wich fits your lifestyle and personality.