Property management

You are a new owner of a dream home and live abroad finding it hard to just check quickly if everything is all right? Or you are a property owner for a while and you are not satisfied with the way your property been looked after? Talk to us. According to your requirements and needs, we provide you with a costum-made package for the management and administration of your property to ensure that your property remains the jewel that you have purchased.

The following modules can be part of the agreement:

  • Insurance
  • Interior design and furnishing of the property
  • Technical Service and Maintenance
  • Custody of the key
  • Administrative tasks
  • House maintenance
  • Tourism management and services


Arrange optimum insurance coverage for your property in cooperation with our contractual partner Allianz Insurance.

Interior design and furnishing of the property

Our team will deal with the interior design and decoration of your property. According to your wishes we will choose together the furniture and technical equipment, taking care of the purchasing, organize the delivery and professional installation as well as the final decoration and cleaning to make your new home immculate.

Technical Service and Maintenance

Our maintenance team takes care of everything in your property, make sure it's working fine and will look after your devices to make sure they last longer.

Custody of your keys

We will keep your keys and hand it out when necessary. In all cases when the keys are needed, we will have them ready, on your behalf, on disposal on your request and in safe hands.

Administrative tasks

In making sure that your letters are always opened and your bills are paid on time. We manage for you all the bills and the mail, the payment of electricity and water bills, local taxes, collect the mail and if you prefer we can send it to your postal address.

House maintenance

Relax during your stay in your vacation property and let our professional team take complete care that your property and its surrounding are spotless clean (cleaning, laundry, gardening, environment care are just the beginning). We will be happy to consult with you in person.

Tourism management and services

Property rental is the ideal solution if you are not using your property the whole time. For renting of houses or apartments, we offer all partiulars of renting, starting from advertisement, booking management, including financial management, and on-site reception, up to the cleaning service and / or laundry service. Depending on your requirements we will work out a package which will suit your needs.